Can An Economic Argument Be Made For The Legalization Of Cannabis

October 9, 2021By SugarleafEconomy, Growing Cannabis, Legalization, Legislation No Comments

Before the COVID-19 pandemic struck, countries across the world the American economy seemed set to exit the doldrums of the past decade. Manufacturing output seemed to be ticking upwards and employment rates were showing steady growth. However, the Coronavirus has dealt employment a severe blow. There are millions of American’s who were gainfully employed prior … Read More

What Are The Benefits Of Legalizing Cannabis In The United States?

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There can be very little argument that the push for the nationwide legalization of cannabis has now gained almost unstoppable momentum. To date, 15 states have legalized weed, either for medicinal or recreational use. 2021 Isalmost certain to see other states pass legislation legalizing marijuana consumption. The smart money is on New York, Florida, and … Read More

What Are The Benefits Of Legalizing Marijuana?

January 26, 2021By SugarleafLegalization, Medical No Comments

There is an increasing trend towards the legalization of marijuana across the U.S. with 11 States now allowing its recreational and medical use. In fact, it is widely anticipated that other States will join this growing number in 2021. Pundits expect that New York, Connecticut, Maryland, New Mexico will join other states in legalizing marijuana, … Read More