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Exit Strategy

It can sometimes seem counterproductive to think about leaving the cannabis industry when you still have so much to achieve; however, an exit strategy is an essential aspect of your business that you must consider. There are various reasons you may decide to leave your cannabis business operation and the different ways you may want to exit. Maybe you want to sell to a strategic buyer, have your business acquired by a financial buyer, or go public. Whatever the reason, your exit strategy needs to be thoroughly thought out and in place well before you put the wheels in motion to leave. By having a clear plan, you will be building the kind of business investors will be interested in, increasing your chances of success and ROI.

What is your exit strategy goal?

Before deciding on your exit strategy, the most important thing to do is ask yourself what your end goal is? Your business structure should always clearly align with where you want to go. For example, you may have decided your end goal is to grow and become a market leader. To achieve this and compete against larger businesses, you will need the right education, funds, and resources to fuel an informed strategy. Here at SugarLeaf, we can help you with this, along with building strong market positioning, helping you dominate markets, and eventually securing you the best valuation possible. Or perhaps your goal is to have your business acquired by a larger corporation for financial or strategic purposes. If this is the case, you will need to ensure your business is as attractive as possible to potential buyers by putting in processes that ensure maximum efficiency and profitability.

As with any investment, we will also help you consider how the industry will continue to grow and mature while identifying any possible opportunities and threats. Ask yourself, do you know what would happen to your business or the industry if a large company entered? What would happen to your sales when new federal legislation is introduced? SugarLeaf's team of experts continuously keep up to date with the latest industry trends, helping you plan for all eventualities and ensure that you are in the most vital position possible when it's time to hand over control.

Regardless of whether your end goal is merger, growth, acquisition, or going public, we work with all of our clients to develop cost-effective setups, systematized processes, and knowledgeable teams to ensure sustained success, growth, and long-term profitability. This strategic planning approach to flourish today and in the future prepares your business for optimum valuation and the most successful exit possible. We're sure you've heard the phrase "fail to plan, plan to fail" before; well, for us, failure is not an option. Work with us to ensure you know where you are going, how to get there, and produce the best possible result.

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