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As with everything in life, we all have to start somewhere, and for us, it's our hourly consultation. Perhaps you're entering the cannabis industry for the first time and need advice on the first steps. Maybe you've been operating for a while and need some support on ways that you can grow and optimize your operation. Or perhaps you're just intrigued about the fantastic possibilities that the cannabis industry can bestow. If you need some expert advice from a team of highly experienced cannabis business aficionados, you've come to the right place. Our hourly consultation is just the right amount of time to give you a brief overview of the industry, answer any burning questions, and help you to understand how you would fit into the industry or if it is right for you. We can advise you on organizational structure, exit strategies, and growth options for more advanced business operators.

Our values of transparency, honesty, and excellent customer service are things that we live by, which applies to our hourly consultation. We will never pressure you into buying something you don't require, we'll explain everything you need to know in clear, plain English and even though we hope you do, there is absolutely no obligation to continue using our services.



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