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Operations Readiness

So, you have your license, and the last thing you want to think about is operations readiness. It's OK, and we get it; you want to celebrate! However, before you crack open the bubbly and celebrate the end of all that hard work, you should know that the hard work has only just begun. You now need to ensure that you are ready to operate your business as outlined in your original business plan. Cannabis operations are different from those of any other industry, and areas such as production, customer service, product distribution, and reporting all have unique styles and rules. Here at SugarLeaf Cannabis, the great news is that we have helped countless businesses just like yours with operations readiness, and we can do the same with yours too!


SOPs are the lifeline of any well-run, efficient cannabis business. They detail everything needed to run on a step-by-step basis, from smart systems, work safety, and great customer service. They can help employees know what their roles are, what is required of them, and help management tailor their business to run as efficiently and effectively as possible.


Having worked in the cannabis industry for several years now, we have been on a journey of hands-on discovery. The skills and expertise we have developed have been gained through real-life experience, and we can't wait to pass on our knowledge to further cement the future of cannabis for many decades to come. One of the most valuable assets of any company is its staff, and knowledge and training are paramount to ensure you are getting the most out of your investment. We offer thorough and extensive staff training programs, ensuring your team can offer comprehensive cannabis knowledge on various topics. We can also provide personnel training on areas specific to retail operations, including conflict de-escalation tactics and safe cash handling.


The cannabis industry is one of those industries where inventory management is vital. Without it, you could be setting yourself up for a plethora of regulatory and legal issues. The CLTS tracks the movement of cannabis through supply chains, and if you can't explain why certain inventory was moved, you could be in big trouble. Thorough inventory management allows you to know where your inventory is, where it has been, and explain the reason without delay. This allows you to show that you are a legal operation and are not diverting goods into the illegal market. We will address this when looking at your operations readiness.


Last but by no means least, before starting operations, you need to ensure that your systems and hardware are ready.

Do you have the required systems to do the job?

Does your software allow you to keep up with all legal recording and monitoring requirements?

What would you do if your systems failed? All of these questions should be addressed before day one.

Is Your Operation Ready? Work With Us To Find Out Now!