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Organization Structure

Organizational Structure

Did you know that the organizational structure of your cannabis business is vital for success? You need a plan to ensure direction and command of workflows to understand their roles and for each person to know who they are responsible for. Without this, businesses can become messy, lack productivity, and lose much money.

What Is Organizational Structure?

The organizational structure is the over-riding name given to relationships among people and roles to achieve your specific business goals. It can include people and functions and facilities; basically, everything you need to do what you need to do. The organizational structure is essential to every cannabis business, as it will clarify responsibility and remove any obstacles to the performance that could arise from confusion and uncertainty. We can work with you to design an organizational structure that is:

  • Clear. One that defines authority, responsibility, and the reasons why these elements are in place.
  • Facilitates Proper Administration. Your organizational structure should properly lay down all channels of communication and financial discipline.
  • Helps to coordinate activities to facilitate the goals of your business.
  • Motivates and stimulates staff to work and helps define identities within the organization.
  • Prevent duplication of roles and activities, thus saving you money, time, and resources in the long run.

When helping you devise your organizational structure, we will look at your leadership, organization, jobs, and people. An understanding of these four elements and how they work together are essential. We can then choose one of the following structures:

Divisional structure

This is where your workers are grouped into teams based on the individual cannabis products or projects they are tasked with producing. This type of structure ensures that staff making similar products are more efficient, and the business receives higher output.

Functional Structure

For example, similar tasks are grouped based on their individual specialty—a marketing team, senior management team, our HR team. Advantages include fast decision-making and learning from each other since each team member has a similar skill set.

Matrix Structure

This is a mix of both divisional and functional organizational structures. It works by grouping people into functional departments based on specialization and then separates them again into specific projects and products. Advantages with the matrix structure include greater autonomy, which can improve productivity and promote innovation and creativity.

Flat Organizational Structure

Designed to disrupt the traditional top-down management approach, the flat organizational structure decentralizes management to report to no specific boss. Each employee becomes responsible for themselves and encourages direct communication. A top-down approach would be enforced for temporary projects.

Of course, the kind of organizational structure most appropriate to your cannabis business will depend on the level of people you employ, your specific circumstances, and your long-term goals. We can work with you to develop an organizational structure that is right for you and get you closer to your goals.

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