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Talent Recruitment

When it comes to your cannabis business's talent recruitment, you need people that will make your dreams and goals a reality; great people with the right skills and attitude to fit in with your culture and get the job done. Here at SugarLeaf Cannabis, we are not just experts in the cannabis industry, and we are passionate and knowledgeable cannabis-recruiters too! We take a pro-active approach and are always on the lookout for the very best in the business, speeding up the process and offering you the very best.

Our talent recruitment service utilizes our extensive connections from the cannabis world, industry-leading job sites, and applicant tracking systems to find the people you need when you need them. We can match you with highly-skilled, passionate professionals with a background in the following fields:

Cultivation – Including trimmers, growers, growing managers, and directors of cultivation. These candidates combine a mix of new starters to the industry and those with education and practical experience in cultivation.

Extraction – Including chemists, compliance managers, extraction managers, and quality managers. Some candidates will have a chemistry background and an understanding of local and federal compliance regulations.

Finance – Professionals that come with entrepreneurial flair and a strong understanding of numbers. Experienced in both complexity and creativity, these people can help drive you to success within an accounting or executive finance role.

Executive Roles – We can source candidates with the experience and vision to drive your business and the overall cannabis industry forward. We can connect you with skilled CEOs, CCOs, and CFOs. Candidates will have experience in both cannabis and other industries.

HR / Administration – There is no denying that the cannabis industry is one that is full of official policies and procedures. We can connect you with highly skilled HR and Administration professionals that can promote best practice and handle cannabis-specific situations, such as state regulations and social equity.

IT / Technology – Federal restrictions and legal challenges can put a lot of strain on contracting with mainstream IT companies. With a well-sourced, skilled internal IT & Technology team, you ensure your systems are always fit for the job and that you're protected against cyberattacks. We have expert candidates in the fields of system administration, IT directors, and data gathering.

Marketing & PR – The cannabis industry has exploded in popularity in recent years, with many new ventures seeing the fantastic possibilities that are involved in setting up a cannabis business. In order to stand out from the crowd, you need to make some noise. We have skilled candidates from entry-level executives to managers that can create demand and a brand to be proud of.
Retail & Sales – From budtenders to brand ambassadors, we can connect you to passionate, experienced, and knowledgeable retail and sales staff to help you find success.

Ready to see how SugarLeaf's Talent Recruitment services can help you to build the best team? Get in touch today!

Ready to see how SugarLeaf's Talent Recruitment services can help you to build the best team?