The benefits of deciding to legalize weed are numerous. This has been proven at a state-by-state level for some time now. Federal legalization could generate new business opportunities for those with new ideas about how to profit off the cannabis industry. It’s also expected to create more jobs for people right now in states where cannabis is legal.

There are several key reasons why the state of Colorado has become an example of how legalizing weed can be very good for everyone involved. The first is tourism. Colorado is home to some of the most outdoor and spectacular scenery anywhere in the world. During summer, when temperatures soar into the 70s, vacationers from around the country flock to Colorado to experience all that the state has to offer. Because Colorado has become a popular destination for tourists, revenue from taxes on sales of cannabis is expected to steadily rise as people look for a place to purchase their bud. That means more tax revenue for the state, and all that it gets for enjoying nature and recreational pursuits!

One of the key benefits to cannabis legalization would be the fact that it completely destroys the black market. Prisons and jails won’t be as full, court systems and cops can focus on truly important matters, and no one has to hide what shouldn’t be a crime to start with.

Of course, there are some other benefits to legalized cannabis. If legalization went full swing across the country, marijuana companies would boom. It would be a cash cow for all those involved in the industry, bringing in a tremendous amount of money for taxes and social programs. It’s also possible that legalized marijuana could help curb crime rates and save the country from a crippling national crisis, something that nobody wants. All these benefits would make legalized cannabis one of the greatest benefits of legalization.

Anyone suffering from anxiety, depression, or chronic pain can testify to the benefits of legal marijuana in the states where it is now permitted. They don’t have to turn to a black market, they can’t use it freely without hiding in fear, and they get access to something natural that often works better than prescription medications. Pharmaceutical options can be very powerful, but they also come with some nasty side effects. Marijuana obviously has side effects, but they’re far more pleasant and predictable for the users who have tried both.

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